Question on ACL's

Jason Williams jwilliams at
Fri Jan 30 12:37:34 EST 2004

Morning everyone,

I've been working on implementing Bulletin Boards over here for our company 
which will allow our users to be able to "share" a folder and post/move 
messages into the folder for other users to view.

Creating the actual mailbox is no problem. The question lies when assigning 
the ACL's to the mailbox in order to allow users to view and post to the 
mailbox/bulletin board.

For example, I did the following:

I created a mailbox:

I then proceeded to setup my acl's.

I added:

anyone lr
jwilliams p

Which, from what I thought, would allow anyone the ability to list and read 
and the user jwilliams the ability to post.
Well, it didn't work out that way.

When I was trying to post to the list, even though my MTA showed it being 
delivered to the mailbox, the user jwilliams could not view it in his 
mozilla client.

After playing with the ACL's a bit, the only way I could get the user 
jwilliams to be able to see messages and post messages to 
user.loanofficer.announce was to set the following acl's:

anyone lrp

I completely removed the acl's for the my account (jwilliams). Once I did 
that, I was able to see the messages and post to the list.

Now, my question is why are the acl's not working for the user jwilliams? 
That account does exist in the sasldb2.

Obviously im missing something, but can't seem to figure it out.
Is there some sort of mechanism that needsx to be in place in order to set 
the acl's accordingly for specific users and groups?

I appreciate the help.


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