Kill this thread, it shouldn't have been one ( was: Re: CYRUS = ....)

Christian Schulte cs at
Tue Feb 3 11:27:13 EST 2004

Am Dienstag, 3. Februar 2004 15:53 schrieb Peter P. Benac:
> I did mention the Documents could use a bit more polish, and Ken has asked
> me to update the documents with the issues I had and how I overcame them. I
> will do this, and I challenge each of you to do the same thing.

And that is the way it should be! There are so many different approaches on 
setting up cyrus that you really cannot ask the cyrus developers to write 
documentation for each. Btw. Show me a list on which someone gets answers 
although he is totally inpolite like David! He got answers! Unbelievable!

> If these solutions were put into print or FAQ format then perhaps David
> wouldn't have to be so angry and the stupid questions that nobody wants to
> answer will have a place to be sent.

The problem with David is that he did not mention one single argument why he 
thinks cyrus is garbage! Only saying cyrus is garbage because I say so is not 
really an argumentation. I would not ask a MySQL developer to make his 
database administrateable via IMAP but that's exactly what he is asking for. 
Administration of cyrus only via SQL ? Sounds totally incorrect for me. Of 
course the "correct" way in his particular situation would be to add user 
inboxes to cyrus via IMAP and then let cyrus add the users to the SQL 
database automatically with some default password. Of cou

> I for one would love to be able to use a SQL like MySQL to backend this
> software.

Backend the mailboxes.db in a SQL database ? There are threads on the list 
which explain why this is not a good idea, I think.

>  I don't have a problem with Berkeley DB, but I know MySQL,
> Oracle, and Postgres to whole lot better.  If I knew which routines
> actually did the database work I don't think I'd have much trouble
> converting them to use an SQL.  It would save me a ton of time if these
> routines were documented.

I understand that developers who write really well documented sourcecode are 
not very pleased to write the same documentation again only putting it in 
files not ending in .h or .c replacing C-code with spoken-language! Did you 
take a look at the sourcecode ? Would you say that it is not well 
documented ? Nearly all problems can be solved by looking at the sources. I 
agree that for only doing a basic cyrus setup you do not want to have to read 
sourcecode but then I would suggest using pre-compiled packages appropriate 
for your system. Why do you want to compile it yourself if you do not want to 
change anything with it ? If you say that you would not have much trouble in 
converting the existing routines to use a SQL database then I must say that 
you should be able to figure out which routines that are. This mainly ends up 
in not wanting to change anything :-) !


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