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Joao Pedras wrote:
| Hi all!
| I wonder if someone could help me with the following error messages:
| 1) imap/socket/lmtp: Connection refused by localhost
| The socket is there as it has always been. It just in the last few days. :|

what mta are you using?

If sendmail, this has happened to me and it turned out to be the hoststat was
getting a connection refused/timedout error and then having to wait 30 minutes
before it would try again.  In the meantime it was just immediately saying the
connection was down and queuing mails.  I found by killing all sendmail
processes, restarting cyrus and sendmail and then purging the hoststat database
will fix this issue, until it happens again.  I do not know why this happens and
if anyone else has input/insight I too would be interested. :)

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