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Joao Pedras jpedras at
Tue Feb 3 12:38:42 EST 2004


I am using sendmail.

Further investigation showed that sendmail's queue was huge due to an over
quota account which gets a lot of mail. Every half hour sendmail with do its
thing and the system would just go to an extreme high load. Sendmail would
refuse connections for about a minute while the load came down.

The part that concerns me about Cyrus is that the above mentioned mail box
was not over quota. Nevertheless sendmail was not able to deliver a 
single message

I am not sure if the message config/deliverdb/deliver-t.db: 
DB_INCOMPLETE: Cache flush was unable to complete
is associated with the mail box quota problem or not.


James A. Pattie wrote:

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> Joao Pedras wrote:
> | Hi all!
> |
> | I wonder if someone could help me with the following error messages:
> |
> | 1) imap/socket/lmtp: Connection refused by localhost
> |
> | The socket is there as it has always been. It just in the last few 
> days. :|
> what mta are you using?
> If sendmail, this has happened to me and it turned out to be the 
> hoststat was
> getting a connection refused/timedout error and then having to wait 30 
> minutes
> before it would try again.  In the meantime it was just immediately 
> saying the
> connection was down and queuing mails.  I found by killing all sendmail
> processes, restarting cyrus and sendmail and then purging the hoststat 
> database
> will fix this issue, until it happens again.  I do not know why this 
> happens and
> if anyone else has input/insight I too would be interested. :)
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