Strange error with authentication to mupdate master

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Tue Feb 10 09:53:03 EST 2004


In my Murder, about once a week, the lmtp proxy on both frontend stop
taking delivery of mail.  We restart the mupdate master, and everything
goes back.  I have the following in Postfix log :

Feb 10 00:00:23 frontend1 postfix/lmtp[9779]: 03C9D33E29: to=<jobinne at>, relay=none, delay=24879, status=deferred (connect
to /etc/lmtpproxy[/etc/lmtpproxy]: read timeout)


Feb 10 08:54:08 frontend1 postfix/lmtp[6392]: 10A0833CDF: to=<jobinne at>, relay=none, delay=39, status=deferred (connect to
/etc/lmtpproxy[/etc/lmtpproxy]: server dropped connection)

In the imapd.log on the same frontend, I have error such as :

Feb 10 06:00:46 frontend1 lmtpproxyd[493]: mupdate-client: connection to server closed: idle for too long
Feb 10 06:00:46 frontend1 lmtpproxyd[493]: couldn't connect to mupdate: no connection to server

In the imapd.log on the mupdate master, I have error such as :

Feb 10 08:54:52 mupdate mupdate[19155]: badlogin:[] DIGEST-MD5 SASL(-13): authentication failure: required parameters missing

I am mostly concerned about the error on mupdate.  I don't understand
what could cause such a thing.  It look like the DIGEST-MD5 response is
somehow corrupted.

Does anybody have an idea what could cause these errors ?  Where should
I look for first ?  All you comemnts are greatly appreciated.

Thanks !

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