convert from maildir to Cyrus DB

Craig Ringer craig at
Fri Feb 13 13:41:02 EST 2004

On Sat, 2004-02-14 at 02:19, Ken Murchison wrote:

> Its probably reasonable, but you have to make sure that no messages are 
> delivered to this new mailbox before you're done reconstructing.

Indeed. I was thinking of it as a possibly faster alternative during
migration, to batch-move entire servers worth of mail while offline.

If I get a chance I'll actually play with this to see if I can get a
nice single python script done that'll handle the lot. More for the
interest of writing it than any real-world utility.

>  > Can significant problems be expected? Is it likely to be much
> > faster to copy directly rather than use IMAP?
> If the messages are already on the server then its probably faster to 
> just rename them.

OTOH, I expect that most people would, in production, prefer to copy
rather than move the messages anyway. I know I'm always reluctant to
close off ways to roll back changes.

> > Of course, if you can import maildir you can import mbox pretty easily,
> > too.
> How so?  You have to split mbox the file into individual messages.

Good point. While you could convert from mbox to maildir then import,
it'd probably be easier and more sensible to use mailutil. I hadn't
thought of that.

Craig Ringer

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