Migration from UW-imap

Andrew J Caird andrew.caird at fccc.edu
Mon Feb 16 08:55:27 EST 2004

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, Jordi Pallares wrote:

> Hy,
> I've tryed to migrate from an UW-Imap to a Cyrus Imap.
> To transport the users mailboxes i use ImapCopy script, but i have a lot
> of errors like this:
>    Getting List of messages in "xxxx" Failed (SELECT)- copy aborted for this folder
> where xxx are the mailbox name.
> What can i do to sove this.
> I can use another program like this to make our migration?

  I strongly suggest you search the recent archives of this list.  There
have been at least two very informative threads on the topic of migrating
IMAP mailboxes to and from Cyrus.


  One keyword that should find at least one message in the thread to get
you started is "mailutil".

  Best of luck.
Andrew Caird

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