Some questions about cyrus-sasl (and sasldb2)

Jim Levie jim at
Mon Feb 23 23:37:53 EST 2004

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 18:43, Jason Williams wrote:
> I am currently keeping all of the users information in the sasldb2 backend, 
> which on freebsd, is located in /usr/local/etc.
> I just have a question in regards to growth of our company and the use of 
> the sasldb2 backend.
> Currently, we have 40 employees at our company. Thus, it has been a snap to 
> be able to add users and get them online quickly. However, the company is 
> expected to double in size by the end of the year, possibly to 100.
> What I was curious about and wanted to know is if keeping all of the 
> information in the sasldb2 backend was a good or bad idea, considering the 
> amount of growth that is expected with our company? I wasn't sure if this 
> method would work alright, or if there was a different method that was 
> preferred to growing organizations. I thought i'd ask here to get some 
> feedback and answers.

100 users is a trivial problem for auth information in sasldb2. I've got
servers with an order of magnitude more users and I've experienced no
problems that I could lay at the feet of sasldb2.

Whether to continue to use sasldb2 or some other method depends on how
you want your mail server to operate and whether there's a "burning
desire" for a single login service. I personally prefer that my mail
servers not be dependent on anything else and that email accounts not be
Unix accounts (i.e., a black box server), which is handled nicely by
keeping the authentication information in sasldb2. And it's hard for me
to see how any other method of authentication (saslauthd, ldap, etc.)
could be any faster or have less overhead than auxprop against sasldb2.
The instructions said to use Windows 98 or better, so I installed RedHat
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