Some questions about cyrus-sasl (and sasldb2)

Hafiz Malik mhafizm at
Mon Feb 23 23:58:34 EST 2004

i dont think that amount will be a limitations..
using freebsd 4.9, sendmail 8.12.10,cyrus-sasl-2.1.9_1,cyrus-imapd-2.1.9
on pentium III and 128MB SDRAM current user = 248 ;)

mail# sasldblistusers2 | wc
     248     496   10415

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Subject: Some questions about cyrus-sasl (and sasldb2)

> Evening everyone.
> I wanted to get some feedback regarding our setup at our company.
> We are currently running a FreeBSD 4.9 server, with Cyrus-SASL-2.1.7,
> Cyrus-Imapd-2.2.3 and Sendmail 8.12.11. Everything is working quite well
> and I am very happy with it.
> I am currently keeping all of the users information in the sasldb2
> which on freebsd, is located in /usr/local/etc.
> I just have a question in regards to growth of our company and the use of
> the sasldb2 backend.
> Currently, we have 40 employees at our company. Thus, it has been a snap
> be able to add users and get them online quickly. However, the company is
> expected to double in size by the end of the year, possibly to 100.
> What I was curious about and wanted to know is if keeping all of the
> information in the sasldb2 backend was a good or bad idea, considering the
> amount of growth that is expected with our company? I wasn't sure if this
> method would work alright, or if there was a different method that was
> preferred to growing organizations. I thought i'd ask here to get some
> feedback and answers.
> I appreciate the time and help.
> Jason
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