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Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Tue Feb 24 11:24:42 EST 2004

Michael J Barber wrote:
> Folks I need a bit of feedback and insight.
> A co-worker of mine is implementing an IMAP server here and has decided to ditch
> Cyrus after he thought it was too slow and could not configure it.  That being
> said, I don't want to address the configuration issue.  I am interested in the
> speed or performance aspect.  He next installed Courier and said it was 100%
> faster than Cyrus... way to dramatic for me but..

It's worth noting that the focus of Cyrus is not really on speed, but on
 consistent performance with scalability. With a small mailstore, Cyrus
may not be the fastest option. However, I'm not aware of any other IMAP
server that can scale as far as Cyrus, and not lose performance.

What was your co-worker's test system? How many users, and what size


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