cyrus/sendmail/smmapd question

Denis V. Suhanov den at
Fri Aug 6 15:50:56 EDT 2004


I  attempt  to  pass  domain  information from sendmail to cyrus, I've
followed           the           steps           described          at

A have also turned on smmapd in cyrus.conf:

smmapd cmd="smmapd" prefork=1 listen="/data/cyrus/imap/socket/smmapd"
prefork = 1

and I can see that it is running:

# ps auxw | grep cyrus | grep sm
cyrus   42863  0.0  0.8 23088 2084  ??  S    12:35PM   0:00.01 smmapd

it's socket does exist:
# ls -al /data/cyrus/imap/socket/ | grep sm
srwxrwxrwx   1 root   mail    0 Aug  6 12:35 smmapd=
-rw-------   1 cyrus  mail    0 Aug  6 12:23 smmapd-0.lock

and I have turned on mrs_cyrus in
define(`CYRUS_LMTP_SOCKET', `/data/cyrus/imap/socket/lmtp')

I   have   created   a   mailertable:

# cat mailertable              mrs_cyrus_user:error:5.1.1:550 User unknown

and created a hash:
# makemap hash mailertable.db < mailertable

(by  the way, do I have to turn FEATURE('mailertable') on or msr_cyrus
assumes  it  automatically?  I've  tried  both  with  the same result,

But now whenever I am trying to start sendmail, I am getting the
following error:

/etc/mail# make start
Starting: sendmail554 5.0.0 /etc/mail/ line 137: readcf: map cyrus:
class socket not available

I  know  that  I've done something wrong. For now, I am just trying to
pass  the  domain information from sendmail to cyrus and verify
whether the receipient exists at all. Am I right assuming that once I
get this working I'll just have to add new entries to mailertable (w/o
removing the domain info, something like this:  mrs_cyrus_user:error:5.1.1:550 User unknown        mrs_cyrus_mailertable:error:5.1.1:550 User unknown        mrs_cyrus_mailertable:error:5.1.1:550 User unknown

and  I'll  get  it  working  (given that imapd.conf has virtual domain
turned on)?

Could  anyone  point  me  to what am I doing wrong here at the current
step?  Thanks  a  lot for your help (hopefully, it was not an offtopic
given - my problem is Sendmail configuration, not really Cyrus).

Best regards,
 Denis                          mailto:den at

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