Hight Aviability and Cyrus

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Mon Nov 3 09:40:58 EST 2003

Denis Liard wrote:

> We use Cyrus Imap Server since on year.
> It work Fine for us (Sendmail + Cyrus)
> We have 2 Sendmail box for Hight Aviability in MX configuration and 
> filter all messages (SPAM and Virus) for several domains names.
> For some domaines, we are only MX relay, and mails are resend (by SMTP) 
> to others storage mails server (Exchange and Domino) and some are 
> delivered to our IMAP (Cyrus) server by SMTP (vitual users db is on this 
> server box) and localy deliver by LMTP.
> But we have only one IMAP server (with SCSI RAID disk) but we would like 
> procure more secure aviability.
> How to do this ? I dont not have good idea about this.

I'm working on a config right now which uses some modifications to the 
Murder infrastructure and a shared filesystem on a SAN, so that multiple 
servers can access the same mailstore to provide load balancing and/or 
high availability.  The storage is still a single point of failure, but 
if you have a good array (e.g. Hitachi) with redundant controllers and 
redundant HBAs on the servers, the exposure is limited.

If/when the project is completed and running in production, more details 
will follow.

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