improved popminpoll handling

Brian K. Becknell beck at
Mon Nov 3 13:56:30 EST 2003

   I ran into the same problem when migrating to cyrus. I turned off
polling due to it's harshness. Please send me the patch!!!


> On my old UW POP server I added a patch to limit the polling frequency.
> Rather than  just apply a fixed minimum time interval I made it give
> some flexibility.  The patch  allows users to do a few checks in quick
> succession but would fail if the longer  term rate was too high.  This
> is something which our POP users found to be a major  improvement.
> On moving to cyrus, the rigid limit has caused many complaints.
> I have worked the same algorithm into cyrus's popminpoll handling.
> However, since I  have not had time to really get to grips with the
> cyrus code, I have had to limit  the possible impact my code would have.
>  Perhaps someone with more knowledge of  cyrus would like to improve
> matters for me.
> The algorithm needs to store an integer value between connections.
> Since the time  of the last pop connection is stored in the inbox's
> cyrus.index file, that seemed  the sensible place to store the new
> value.  However, I did not want to extend the  size of the data stored
> and create unforseen problems!  My solution was to pack the  new value
> in with "minor_version", using the top 16 of the 32 bits allocated in
> cyrus.index.
> My patch involves making imap/mailbox.c pack and unpack the new variable
> with  "minor_version" in mailbox_write_index_header() and
> mailbox_read_index_header().   Also, to add a function which does the
> checking to imap/pop3d.c, which is called  from openinbox() where
> openinbox() normally compares the elapsed time with  pipminpoll.
> If there is sufficient interest, perhaps the cyrus team might consider
> rolling it  in.
> My patch is currently to 2.1.13, but I am about to apply it to 2.1.15
> too. I will be  happy to to pass the patch to anyone who is interested
> (particularly anyone who can  do a proper job of storing an extra
> integer in cyrus.index).
> Phil.
> ---------------------------------------
> Phil Chambers (postmaster at
> University of Exeter

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