Hight Aviability and Cyrus

Michel Jouvin jouvin at lal.in2p3.fr
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Probably not the answer you want. But with HP Tru64/TruCluster you can 
build a cluster of several nodes accessing the same filesystems through a 
cluster filesystem (let say a distributed filesystem with local filesystem 
semantic) and thus several nodes acting as an IMAP server simultaneously 
(for the same mailboxes), sharing the load. We are running this 
configuration very successfully for many years...


--On lundi 3 novembre 2003 14:06 +0100 Pascal Gienger 
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> Earl R Shannon <ershanno at unity.ncsu.edu> wrote:
>> Bonjour,
>> While there have been a couple of mentions that high availability is
>> being considered by CMU, it has not been done natively to the
>> IMAP server. In other words, the IMAP server does not do high
>> availability. While it does have the cluster implementation,
>> ( the murder ) this allows scalability, not high availablity.
> The only possible thing which can be setup in a timely doable manner is a
> failsafe cluster configuration. Use e.g. a little SAN Network with dual
> FC-Switches so that both computers forming the IMAP Cluster see the same
> partitions. Use some kind of cluster software to do it. Writing an agent
> for Veritas Cluster is not difficult, nor it is for the Linux HA project.
> Doing this for parallel clusters is quite of lot of work, because you
> would have to keep much data in sync.
> Pascal

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