Pop3 "mysteriously" not responding

Jarod Beekman JBeekman at apu.edu
Tue Nov 18 11:49:58 EST 2003

	So I have that all too common administrators problem again it
seems.  With no apparent or admited changes being made to the system
last Friday pop3 stopped completing connections, and I can not figure
out what to do.  I don't have an extensive knowledge of pop3, but I know
enough to see that in a telnet session the server never sends the
initial +OK greeting ( or any other message for that matter ).
	The imapd.log ( local6.debug ) reads:

Nov 18 08:29:33 mail pop3d[23504]: accepted connection
Nov 18 08:29:33 mail master[23663]: about to exec
Nov 18 08:29:33 mail pop3[23663]: executed

...for every connection but never delievers any other log entries I can
find to messages or auth.log

My configuration is:

RedHat Linux 9
cyrus 2.1.15-2 ( Simon Matter rpm )
Cyrus-sasl 2.1.10 ( Simon Matter rpm )
Postfix 1.1.12-1 ( RedHat 9 rpm )
Kernel 2.4.20-2.9smp ( RedHat 9 rpm )

Using saslauthd -> pam

Thans for your time, any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!

Jarod Beekman
Senior Systems Engineer
Azusa Pacific University 

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