Pop3 "mysteriously" not responding

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Tue Nov 18 12:25:22 EST 2003

Jarod Beekman wrote:

> 	So I have that all too common administrators problem again it
> seems.  With no apparent or admited changes being made to the system
> last Friday pop3 stopped completing connections, and I can not figure
> out what to do.  I don't have an extensive knowledge of pop3, but I know
> enough to see that in a telnet session the server never sends the
> initial +OK greeting ( or any other message for that matter ).
> 	The imapd.log ( local6.debug ) reads:
> Nov 18 08:29:33 mail pop3d[23504]: accepted connection
> Nov 18 08:29:33 mail master[23663]: about to exec
> /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/pop3d
> Nov 18 08:29:33 mail pop3[23663]: executed

You are probably running out of entropy, therefore pop3d can't create an 
APOP challenge for the banner.  I'm guessing that pop3d would eventually 
"wake up" if you move the mouse or type on the keyboard.

If this is a recurring problem, you can disable APOP by recompiling SASL 
  with --disable-checkapop (Note: Cyrus 2.2 has an imapd.conf option to 
disable APOP).

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