lmtpd over tcp strange timeouts banner mixed with logs ?

Gregor Bruhin gregor.bruhin at netoxygen.ch
Sat Nov 29 07:11:35 EST 2003


As metionned earlier I get some strange timeouts from time to time (@ peak time) when sendmail tries to deliver mails to my backend: dsn=4.4.2, stat=Deferred: Operation timed out with []

I tried to debug the situation by sniffing and by testing myself what is happening by doing some telnets on 2003.

What I noticed is that some log message "<185> connection from [] preauth'd as postman" is shown before the banner on the same line !

I just commented the syslog in lmtpengine.c

    945 /*
    946         disabled by greg, this seems to be the problem
    947         syslog(LOG_DEBUG, "connection from %s%s",
    948                cd.clienthost,
    949                func->preauth ? " preauth'd as postman" : "");
    950 */

Now everything seems to run fine...
I tried to find out myself why this problem occurs but could not find any reasons ...

Am I the only one experiencing this problem (this happened with cyrus 2.1 and actual beta running on 4.8-STABLE FreeBSD SMP, multiple frontends sending mails over lmtp to this cyrus backend) ???

CU Greg
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