BETA default domain question

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Fri Nov 28 20:49:35 EST 2003

Quoting Kendrick Vargas <ken at hudat.com>:

> Hi folks :-)
> First of all a BIG thank you to all who are working on Cyrus. It's a great 
> product and it's made my life much easier! Thanks guys! Now for my 
> question...
> I've been playing with Cyrus 2.2.2-BETA because I need the virtual domain 
> stuff it's got. However I noticed that no matter what I did, the server's 
> idea of the default domain always produced paths with:
> 	johndoe at example1.com
> 	janedoe at example2.com
> 	/var/spool/imap/j/user/johndoe
> 	/var/spool/imap/domain/e/example2.com/j/user/janedoe
> whenever I created a user in a domain that ended in the default domain of 
> the machine (in this example: example1.com). I thought maybe the reverse 
> name lookup of the machine had something to do with it, so I added manual 
> entries in the /etc/hosts to try and combat that. I tried other things, 
> short of setting the hostname on the machine manualy from 
> this.example1.com to this.this.example1.com. And somehow, I'm not sure 
> that would work.
> Basically what I'd like would be for all the mailboxes, not just 
> non-local-seeming mailboxes, to be made in the domain hashed heirarchy in 
> the spool. My reasons are mostly organizational. It just doesn't seem 
> right that if you're gonna be sorting things by domain that you not 
> include the default domain in that domain list. 

The defaultdomain option is meant to ease upgrading an existing non-virtdomains 
installation.  The paths used for the defaultdomain are the same as those for 

> Is there a setting to do this? Or, is there a place in the code that I can 
> manually break things so that nothing is considered local? I don't really 
> code, but I understand enough to break things properly :-) So if someone 
> could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.

If you want everything to be placed in domain/ directories, then don't set 

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