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Alexander Sanda bof at
Tue Nov 25 07:04:17 EST 2003

On 25.11.2003 10:55 +0000 Allister Gearon wrote:

> thanks for your reply.  At the moment users that login on my Cyrus
> server are authenticated via auxprop -> sasldb.  That works fine.  I am
> also trying to fetch mail from an upstream POP3 server and am using
> Fetchmail, which does not like the fact that the recipient of the email
> is not a user (at the moment) on the OS.  As result mail is bounced.  I
> will write to the fetchmail list to see if they have any ideas.

This isn't exactly a problem. You'll have to tell fetchmail that it has 
to use cyrus' own delivery program. Just look at the various fetchmail 
mta options (keyword mta, commandline -m). If your situation is more 
complex (i.e. you need to filter the mails before they are delivered to 
your local cyrus accounts) you can use a fetchmail -> procmail -> deliver 
chain (deliver is the program used by cyrus to handle local deliveries 
via lmtp).

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