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Allister Gearon al at
Tue Nov 25 07:09:14 EST 2003

    I was probably not being clear, an explanation of Fetchmail's default
behaviour with users that do not appear in the system can be found here;
    However, this behaviour is changed very easily as a kind correspondent
on the Fetcmail list informed me.  Supposing our cyrus user is called
'auser', simply add < smtpname "auser" > to the command line or fetchmailrc
and  the mail is delivered to cyrus mailbox user.auser.  Thanks to yourself
and this other gent I am now rolling along at a great pace - just got to get
some kind of mail filtering going on.  Talking of mail filtering, you don't
know of any howto's etc dealing with sieve do you?  I have a
manage-sieve-perl script installed on my server, and a sieve daemon?
listening at 2000 but I haven't a clue how to use it and there seems to be
no official documentation.  Certainly b-all in the on the man page.
Thanks again for your help.

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> If fetchmail is using it's defaults, it'll be trying to deliver the mail
> to the local MTA using SMTP, in which case things should 'just work' if
> the MTA is configured correctly. It may well not be a fetchmail problem.
> Can you "mail someuser at mydomain?" from the cyrus server? If not, then
> it's probably your MTA and not fetchmail that's at fault.
> The MTA shouldn't really care if the user exists - unless it's
> configured to check - but should just try to deliver the mail to Cyrus
> via LMTP when handed the message by fetchmail. Cyrus will reject the
> message if the user has no mailbox, but it doesn't care (for purposes of
> mail /delivery/) whether they exist in the authentication database at all.
> Do you know at what stage the messages are being rejected, and by what?
> A copy of a bounce could well be helpful, if it is actually bouncing the
> mail.
> I'm having to make a lot of guesses, as I don't know (1) whether you
> take normal direct mail delivery via SMTP, (b) what the bounce/errors
> are, (3) whether you're using virtual domains, etc. Sorry if I'm in the
> wrong ballpark.
> Craig Ringer

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