Cyrus IMAPd 2.1.13 Released

Ken Murchison ken at
Fri May 2 17:11:32 EDT 2003

Bob Tito wrote:
> Ken Murchison said:
>>Bob Tito wrote:
>>>Rob Siemborski said:
>>>>Hash: SHA1
>>>>I'm pleased to announce the release of Cyrus IMAPd 2.1.13.  This release
>>>>is almost entirely a bugfix and stabilization release.  It also includes
>>>>the results of an ongoing independent audit of the code by
>>>>Security Appraisers and Bynari.
>>>Hi, i think this is very good news!..
>>>I already installed this (was just in the process of upgrading openssl
>>>others) but i'd like to give one word of warning..
>>>A couple of weeks ago i started to use altnamespace. This was no
>>>but with the upgrade to 2.1.3 all sievescripts stopped working!
>>>the^alt^namespace conversion is now also implemented in the sieve dir
>>>.. simple solution is to rename the sievedirs, but can be a pain in the
>>>..s if you have a lot of users and also have altnamespace on ..
>>What exectly are you talking about?  Altnamespace should have no effect
>>on the sievedirs, only the contents of the scripts.  As far as upgrading
>>the scripts, from install-upgrade.html:
>>Upgrading from 2.0.16 or earlier
>>#  If you use timsieved to manage Sieve scripts, and have enabled the
>>alternate namespace and/or the Unix hierarchy separator, run the script
>>"tools/translatesieve". This script will translate the folder names in
>>fileinto actions.
> Hi Kenneth,
> Most probably i am to blame here, but i'll try to explain (and translate
> at the same time ;-))
> Using 2.1.12 i decided to set the option altnamespace.
> This caused no problem and all scripts were working and were placed in
> /usr/sieve/?/
> When is upgraded to 2.1.13 suddenly the scripts were expected in
> /usr/sieve/?/virt^user^name ...

Sounds to me like either you had a hacked version of 2.1.12 or you 
enabled and then disabled unixhierarchysep.  By default, Cyrus doesn't 
allow '.' in the usernames, so /usr/sieve/?/ should never 

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