Questions about /var/imap/proc

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Thu May 22 10:18:06 EDT 2003


I have a question about /var/imap/proc.  I think that these pidfile can
be a good source of information.  For example, it could help determine
how many IMAP connction you currently have (just counting imapd process
is not good because some of these could be waiting for incoming
connection).  The pidfiles get deleted as expected when the client
logout, but I notice that they stay there when you just shut down Cyrus.
I guess I could have a script as START event in cyrus.conf to unclutter
/var/imap/proc.  Two questions :

1. Are there any other circumstance cold clutter /var/imap/proc with
stale pidfile ?

2. Could there be a way to clean it up on shutdown instead of startup ?

Thanks !

Etienne Goyer                    Linux Québec Technologies Inc.       etienne.goyer at

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