Shared Folders cyrus-imapd-2.2

Vittorio Manfredini vittorio at
Thu May 22 10:29:47 EDT 2003

It's some time that I used cyrus-imap-2.2 ALPHA without problems.

Now th 03 May 2003 I dowload a new version from the CVS and then I configure and
install it.

All seem work fine sieve,imap,pop ... but now I tried to access, using different
client (Kmail, evolution, outlook express, imp) a shared folder and I receive
the message Permission Denied.

With cyradm I check the ACL's related to this folder and are OK.

User vittorio have 'lsiprcda" ACL's, but cannot access the folder.

The permission denied message come from Kmail, with imp I don't receive error
messages, but the folder is displayed empty (I check I have 19 messages in that

I tried to reconstruct the mailbox, but no success....

Any idea ...


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