wishlist for 2.2 final

Igor Brezac igor at ipass.net
Wed May 28 23:25:50 EDT 2003

On Thu, 29 May 2003, Jure Pecar wrote:

> OK, after running 2.2a in production for two months and just finished
> recovering from an ugly disk crash & corruption, here are some of my whishes
> for 2.2 final:
> * figure out db3 lockers. i see some work here by igor brezac; igor, does
> your patch solve the issue entirely?

Do you mean db4 (4.1.25)?  If so, yes.  I am testing the patch as we
speak, but I believe it will solve the lockers issue and recovery problems
after cyrus restart.  This should also fix issues with berkeley
mailboxes.db some folks have reported.  Although, people should use
skiplist for mailboxes.db.  The patches will be in the cvs soon.

The previous version of sleepycat (db 4.0.14) did not have this problem
because it did not lock open db handles.

> * option (something like -v) for ctl_* and reconstruct tools to be way more
> verbose; when admin feels that some tool is misbehaving, an option like this
> could save hours of figuring out what's going on.
> * timsieved to allow admin user to set users' scripts. i think this was
> mentioned some time ago already.

You can do this now.

sieveshell -a admin -u user

> anything else on the CMU's list before 2.2? and, any ETA for 2.2? :)
> after i get our system's hardware in order i'll take a look at making
> reconstruct.c more verbose ...


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