mboxtocyrus question

Daniel Qian | ??? daniel at shera.com.cn
Thu May 29 00:13:15 EDT 2003

Can you give me a link where i can get the script? I am going to do the same thing - moving from wu-imap to cyrus.

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Subject: mboxtocyrus question

> Hi..
> I'm about ready to move everyone from uw-imap to cyrus. i have a 
> question about the mboxtocyrus script though.  it works fine on the 
> /var/spool/mail/* inboxes, but i don't get how to import the client 
> created folders in their ~ directories such as Drafts and Sent Items 
> (especially since cyrus doesn't seem to support spaces in mailbox 
> names?) if there's a how-to link out there somewhere, i've not found it 
> yet. any pointers?
> thanks..
> ..S.

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