Message with attachments shows up totally empty.

Mark London mrl at PSFC.MIT.EDU
Tue Jun 3 16:48:00 EDT 2003

> > The sender of the message certainly was Eudora Windows 5.1   However, when
> > reading the message using Netscape 7 on a mac, if I copy the message to a
> > local folder, it appears fine.  If I copy it to an IMAP folder on a VMS system
> > running Multinet (usually guaranteed to break everything), it still appears
> > fine.  If I then copy it back to Cyrus, it still appears empty.  And, as I
> > said, it looks fine using Squirrelmail.  So perhaps you can see why I'm just a
> > little skeptical that it's a Eudora problem, unless you can explain why all
> > these other methods work ok, while Cyrus doesn't. :)
> > 
> It's a Eudora problem. We have seen this many times. Have the sender 
> turn off styled text and the problem goes away.
> I wish they would fix this.

>From what I can tell, the styled text creates an html part that causes an
extra  boundary to appear at the end of that part:


At least if I delete this boundary, the message is properly displayed.  But
whatever the reason, my question still is, why is Netscape able to display it
if it's running on different IMAP software?  I.e., what is cyrus doing that
prevents Netscape from seeing it?  And since, as you say, it's a frequently seen
problem, would it be possible to fix the code to deal with the situation,
without much work, rather than wait for a possible fix from Eudora?  Thanks. - 

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