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twk twk at
Tue Jun 3 17:37:37 EDT 2003

Mark London wrote:
> From what I can tell, the styled text creates an html part that causes an
> extra  boundary to appear at the end of that part:
> --=====================_8552687==_.ALT--
> At least if I delete this boundary, the message is properly displayed.  But
> whatever the reason, my question still is, why is Netscape able to display it
> if it's running on different IMAP software?  I.e., what is cyrus doing that
> prevents Netscape from seeing it?  And since, as you say, it's a frequently seen
> problem, would it be possible to fix the code to deal with the situation,
> without much work, rather than wait for a possible fix from Eudora?  Thanks. - 
> Mark

Our department that was having problems with this are now reccomending 
Mulberry rather than Eudora to their clients. Those that wanted to 
continue to use Eudora were instructed to turn off styled text.

I would consider this a better solution than rewriting the server code 
to accomodate a broken client.


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