notify with sieve ?

Achim Altmann aa at
Tue Jun 3 16:21:55 EDT 2003

> first, thanks for your answer.
> > Check the archives and you will find a few scripts to do this.  If your
> > IMAP client isn\\\'t displaying the quota ALERTS generated by Cyrus, then
> > you client is broken.
> Yes,
> Broken or a normal MS-Bug
> My system is a redhat with cyrus-imapd
> Users are only MS-Outlook-Users, that\\\'s the problem.
> Outlook-express can translate and view this over-quota-message was send the
> cyrus-system.
> I would like create a mail was send from sieve,
> ok, now isn\\\'t possible.
> but i think that is a feature was inform 100% any users or defined
> administrators about this over-quota-mailbox.
> Could any say, how can i change the cyrus-imapd that this system call a script
> (like perl) if is a user logged in in their mailbox?
> I think that is not impossible to write a new program-line was work with this .
> For any help\'s
> many thank\'s
> best reagards
> Achim

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