Several issues with 2.1.13

John Alton Tamplin jtampli at
Mon Jun 9 16:53:14 EDT 2003

Wil Cooley wrote:

>Yeah, you're probably right; I just saw a directory full of capital
>letters and assumed it was all of them.  I do recall prime-based hash
>functions being better.  However, after I did the hash, imapd seemed to
>still be using the traditional first-letter-hash.  I had this in my logs
>and couldn't open my mailboxes:
>Jun  8 17:51:46 rheingold imapd[14729]: IOERROR: opening /home/imap/w/user/wcooley/cyrus.header: No such file or directory
Then it sounds like your imapd was not compiled with 
--enable-fulldirhash.  The argument to rehash should match however your 
imapd was compiled (and using someone else's package may make it hard to 

>Our customers have a 10MB mail quota which they can fill up pretty
>quickly.  We don't want them leaving their stuff on our server, and they
>want to be able to have their mail even when they're off-line (I know
>there's IMAP sync, but it's questionable how well supported it is, and I
>don't really want to try to explain it to customers).
Your call, but even when I worked at an ISP we had far more problems 
with customers who used POP than those that didn't.

Also, reducing the Cyrus timeout isn't going to help clear the 
half-connected sockets in the kernel if the customers just disconnect 
without dropping all their TCP connections first.

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