Several issues with 2.1.13

Wil Cooley wcooley at
Mon Jun 9 17:23:21 EDT 2003

On Mon, 2003-06-09 at 13:52, Rob Siemborski wrote:

> Right, apparently your binaries weren't built to deal with a fulldirhash
> system, but you ran the rehash command to use a fulldirhash system.

Yeah, duh.  Re-RTFMing, I see Simon has in README.RPM:

4)  Please note that this RPM uses 'basic' hashed imap spool per default.
    Fulldirhash is supported as build time option but the RPM does not
    rehash your mailspool when upgrading. You have to run rehash on
    your existing mailspool if you have changed the hashing mode.

Now I understand the difference between 'basic' and 'full'.

> > > No thing between the versions affected this behavior.  You can try turning
> > > down the poptimeout setting (since most likely if they are getting
> > > disconnected it is just the idle timeout that is waiting for them).
> >
> > Will it actually allow me to set it below 10 minutes?
> Well, not in the default code base.  RFC 1939 states:
> A POP3 server MAY have an inactivity autologout timer. Such a timer MUST
> be of at least 10 minutes' duration. The receipt of any command from the
> client during that interval should suffice to reset the autologout timer.
> I'm not going to recommend you run a non-complient server, but finding the
> place to fix this in pop3d.c shouldn't be very hard (Hint: search for
> "poptimeout").

Got it.   But John's probably right about the kernel keeping the sockets
open.  But we never had this problem with cucipop (that's what I always
have to listen to: "We didn't have this problem before blah blah
blah").  Somehow, even though cucipop locked the mailboxes, it was able
to operate concurrently on them (somewhat), without stupidly making a
whole copy, the way UW's pop3d did.

> > There's no way to clean up the phone lines in rural areas or to force
> > people to buy good modems (although when they have lots of problems we
> > recommend that they do).
> Right, I was joking about that part ;)

Yeah, I know :)  It'll be a beautiful day when customers don't have all
those needless disconnections.

But no thoughts on the squatter problem?  I saw in the archives other
people reporting the same problem, but no responses to indicate why. 
Anything more I could do to help debug it?

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You might want to look at the couple scripts I wrote to replace the
TCL-based ones in "Managing IMAP":

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