SQUAT: Unknown error 1 (Closing index)

Dylan Martin dmartin at seattlecentral.org
Tue Jun 10 17:23:03 EDT 2003

I've been trying to run down the problem I've been having with squatter, 
and it looks like quite a few people on the list are having the same 
problem.  Here's what I've got so far, and I'll post more if/when I get 

It looks like in squat_build.c in write_trie_word_data, if len > 2 it
calls write_trie_word_data on the SquatWordTable new_t.  When it breaks,
new_t has these values:  new_t->first_valid_entry = 256
new_t->last_valid_entry = 0.  When it doesn't break, first_valid_entry is 
less than or equal to last_valid entry.

I don't really know what values mean what, so I can't really say what this 
means or even if it's significant.  I'll see if I can find more.  Let me 
know if this means anything to any of you.


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