Tuning Suggestions

John Straiton jsmailing at clickcom.com
Tue Jun 10 17:24:36 EDT 2003

> > I come seeing suggestions for things I could check or 
> change in order 
> > to resolve this before it gets to being more of a problem 
> than it is. 
> > I figured I'd start with Cyrus and then move down to the OS level.
> One thing you might want to try is to use /dev/urandom 
> instead of /dev/random for SASL on your system (recent 
> versions have a --with-devrandom configure switch, otherwise 
> you need to edit config.h).
> Additionally, you may want to increase the number of 
> preforked processes, but this will only allow you to prevent 
> larger spikes of activity from affecting you adversely, it 
> won't help if the load is sustained at a higher level.

Since it was simplest, I started with the preforking. I set it to an
arbitrary number of 10. Here's the good news. It works. No more broken
IMAP connections.  I'll try that recompile as well as time allows but I
thought I'd let everyone know that for today, that got it working smooth

Thank you kindly for the suggestions

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