Cyrus on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

John Alton Tamplin jtampli at
Tue Jun 17 10:16:49 EDT 2003

Craig Ringer wrote:

>> [OT: Yes, I'm aware that there other other Linuces beyond RH, but we're
>> committed to HP hardware which is only certified for RH and SuSE (one of
>> my colleagues has been told by an HP engineer that they support 
>> Debian but
>> I've yet to see anything official). We have zero SuSE experience 
>> in-house,
>> so RH kind of have us by the danglies...]
> That sounds depressingly like you're talking about MS or some custom 
> software vendor, not Red Hat. The price of successful business, I guess.

He is referring to HP certifying the software, which I am sure has more 
to do with demand than anything devious.  HP isn't going to go to the 
trouble to support some version that not many of their customers are 
using.  I am not sure why you would fault RedHat for HP not certifying 
other distributions besides RedHat and SuSE.

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