ctl_cyrusdb looping

Jim Howell jwh2 at cornell.edu
Tue Jun 17 09:59:09 EDT 2003

	First the obligatory version statement.  I'm running Cyrus 2.1.11 on 
Solaris 8, my mailboxes.db is in skiplist format.  I have 9,921 users on 
the system.  The problem is when I restarted the master daemon this morning 
the "ctl_cyrusdb -r" started, appeared to "work" as by the below log entries:
Jun 17 07:32:43 postoffice8 master[6861]: [ID 965400 local6.notice] process 
Jun 17 07:32:43 postoffice8 master[6862]: [ID 392559 local6.debug] about to 
exec /opt/cyrus_2_1_11/bin/ctl_cyrusdb
Jun 17 07:32:43 postoffice8 ctl_cyrusdb[6862]: [ID 702911 local6.notice] 
recovering cyrus databases
Jun 17 07:34:05 postoffice8 ctl_cyrusdb[6862]: [ID 275131 local6.notice] 
skiplist: recovered /opt/cyrus/mailboxes.db (39991 records, 2734580 bytes) 
in 81 seconds

However the "ctl_cyrusdb -r" process didn't end, it appeared to start 
looping.  I rebuilt the mailboxes.db from a text backup (ctl_mboxlist 
-d  output).  But to no avail.  I still received the "recovered" 
message.  I finally just killed the "ctl_cyrusdb -r" after receiving the 
"recovered" message and everything started working, killing the recovery 
after it said it was done worked.

The first time through I let it run for 15 minutes, the "done" message came 
in 81 seconds.  Should I of let it keep going?  What can I do to prevent 
this from happening again?  Thanks.
Jim Howell

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