Questions about backup files in /var/imap/db

John Alton Tamplin jtampli at
Tue Jun 17 10:20:07 EDT 2003

Daniel Qian wrote:

>It confused me by putting all databases using BDB under a imap directory. 
Read the documentation at sleepycat -- the logs are per BDB 
environment.  In this case, it protects only the various BDB files used 
by Cyrus.

>Anyway I am more concerned about a proper way to backup all my mailbox 
>messages. It seems to me that I can backup the content under these 
>/var/imap ; where my mailboxes.db resides
>/var/spool/imap/user ; suppose I only care about the messages already in user 
>So even on a newly installed empty system resulted from a system crash I 
>would still be able to recover everything in mailboxes simply by copying back 
>these backup files to where they are before the crash and run a reconstruct.
>Correct me if I am missing anything.
Correct, although you might care about the BDB logs if the mailboxes.db 
was corrupted due to the crash.  Personally I like dumping the mailbox 
list to a text file just before the backup as a belt-and-suspenders 
safety net.

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