LMTP won't deliver the mail

Rob Tanner rtanner+cyrus at linfield.edu
Thu Jun 26 00:15:05 EDT 2003


Intalled v2.1.13 on Solaris (sunos 5.7).  Solved one problem only to 
have another pop up out of the blue a few hours later.  LMTP simply 
stopped delivering.  At one time I had over 700 lmtp processes running, 
but no mail was being delivered.  No errors are logged.  It just 
stopped working, seemingly out of the blue.  I stopped and restarted 
the master process and stopped and restarted postfix.  Nothing I did 
helped.  Since this is a production system (the test system never gave 
me any problem, but then it never had any heavy load either), I 
ultmiately had to reconstruct the mail partitions and put the 
MessagingDirect server back in service.

I really want to get the system over to Cyrus.  Any ideas as to what 
was happening.  Is there anything I might look for in the logs that 
might give me a clue (keeping in mind that no specific errors were 


Rob Tanner
Linfield College,
McMinnville, Oregon
rtanner+cyrus at linfield.edu

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