Best way of putting a single file into multiple mailboxes

Ramprasad A Padmanabhan ramprasad at
Thu Jun 26 02:28:08 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 21:48, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Jun 2003, Ramprasad A Padmanabhan wrote:
> > I dont want to increase no of concurrent lmtp connection on the contrary
> > decrease them. I figured out the way of decreasing them But still the
> > results are no great
> I have postfix (2.0) delivering stuff here to up to 5000 users in a single
> lmtp session (AND as a single message, too. We use it for site-wide
> newsletters).  You just need to make sure all the limits (such as recipient
> limit, per-transport limits, etc) agree.
> Postfix will open one lmtp connection to cyrus, and use that for all it can
> (that does mean to deliver a bunch of different mails to different
> recipients). It will open a new lmtp connection only if all the current ones
> are "busy" connections, AND you haven't told it not to (by limiting the
> number of lmtp transports in  It will tear down the lmtp
> connection only after it was idle for a while.

I agree with you but my situation is a little different

I must have explained my problem more clearly, I have got around only 10
recepients per newsletter on an average and there are around 700 such
newsletters to be  delivered. These are news articles people have
subscribed to accourding to interests

Suppose Now I increase the number of lmtp_concurrent connections and if
multiple instances of ltmp are trying to deliver to the same mailbox 
then these mailboxes will get locked , so again There will be lmtp
connections waiting.  I havent tried out increasing the number of
concurrent connections per user because I want to be sure before I
change anything on the live server



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