Joe Rhett jrhett at isite.net
Mon Jul 7 18:27:56 EDT 2003

> > How about just "over quota in xxxx"  where xxx is the quota root?  Since
> > this matches the mailbox name they are over quota in, it will make sense to
> > the user and still be specific for debugging.
> This isn't perfect either since it is really the entire mailbox hierarchy under the
> quota root that is over quota.    For example, if you set a quota root on the inbox
> and then the user fills up a subfolder of inbox, they may be over quota with no
> messages in their inbox at all.   If the error message reported is "over quota in
> user.joesmith" or "over quota in INBOX", they are still going to call the help
> desk.    Maybe it should be something like,   "over quota in INBOX or a subfolder"
Most people will get the idea that subfolders could be the culprit.  That's
going to generate less helpdesk problems than a word someone doesn't know.

...Having had to fix many error messages of my own that confused me, even
though I wrote them to be specific about the problem. I ended up giving up
and using ID#s so that people just reported the ID# and didn't write us
confused about the text.

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