quota warning problem - Is it a bug of cyrus imap?

Joe Rhett jrhett at isite.net
Mon Jul 7 18:31:52 EDT 2003

> >Or do you really need to give some users 5,121,133 byte quotas?  Do you 
> >really manage your quotas down to less than 1 kilobyte, when you are giving
> >the users 50 megabyte boundaries on the low side?
> >Or am I missing your point entirely?
> >
> The problem is if you keep only the count of kBytes in a mailbox, what 
> do you do when you receive a message of 512 bytes?  Do you not count it 
> at all, or do you count it as 1kB?  If you keep actual bytes, you still 
> have the problem of it fitting in a 32-bit number, and if you round it 
> either way the quota will eventually be so wrong it is useless.
I doubt (I may be wrong) that the idea was to round everything -- just the
actual quota.  So calculate each message normally and then round the total
to k to compare against the quota.

Since the error of margin could be 1/2 k, with 1 million users you could 
possibly end up using 500mb more space than you intended if they were all
overquota and at the top of the margin of error.  I doubt this counts as a
significant problem.

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