Sieve with Spamassassin && virus checking mechanisms?

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Mon Jul 7 18:11:49 EDT 2003

James Pattie <james at> writes:

> foobar wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is this (see subject) possible in anyway per account basis in sieve? ( I
>> don't remember if there was any proper plugin-support in sieve (haven't
>> investigated the code too much ).
>> Thing what I done was when I didn't invent anything else and was lazy to
>> read the code:
>> MTA lmtp-> sa_lmtpd (pre-loaded spamassassin-instance which can be re-used
>> (better than that idiotic pipe-wrapper) lmtp-> MDA.
>> by tweakin transports, there is which destination is
>> lmtp:where_sa_lmtpd_is and every user which wants sa-processed mail
>> inserts forward user at and it goes thru sa_lmtpd to cyrus's
>> lmtpd. That sa_lmtpd is my written perl-daemon which re-uses
>> checker-instances.
>> So,
>> Is there any better way to do this?
>> ++Titus
> Check out MailScanner ( for a Virus/Spam mail
> filtering product that plugs into the sendmail/exim/whatever flow and uses
> SpamAssassin for it's main spam checking/marking.

If you're using postfix, amavisd-new is quite nice. It does single
spam scan per message, regardless of numberrecipients and allows for
SQL-based storage of SA preferences.

> I use it to deliver to my cyrus server and just wrote a sieve rule to move any
> emails where the subject starts with {SPAM?} (the default in MailScanner) to my
> SPAM folder.  There are lots of other stuff you can do with it also. ;)

We have a web interface that allows for the simple installation of
predefined rules for filter and delete spam.  For advanced stuff, we
use standard Sieve scripts.

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