quota warning problem - Is it a bug of cyrus imap?

Joe Rhett jrhett at isite.net
Mon Jul 7 16:57:54 EDT 2003

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 12:29:41PM -0500, Paul M Fleming wrote:
> Rounding error would present a problem for us and our users. My 2 cents
> .. quotas > 4GB are fairly rare. I know with a large student user base
> with 50-75Mb quotas rounding to the nearest K wouldn't be desirable.

Okay, color me confused.  Say your mailbox quota is 50mb.  Isn't that
exactly 51200k?

Or do you really need to give some users 5,121,133 byte quotas?  Do you 
really manage your quotas down to less than 1 kilobyte, when you are giving
the users 50 megabyte boundaries on the low side?

Or am I missing your point entirely?

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