Joe Rhett jrhett at isite.net
Mon Jul 7 16:27:47 EDT 2003

> > a quota warning message from the Trash mailbox.    Since the IMAP alert does
> > not specify the mailbox that the quota warning applies to, the user assumes
> > that it is the inbox and continues to try and delete messages until they go
		..		..
> Ok, so maybe it makes sense to change the message to "over quota in
> quotaroot x."  This is definately a reasonable change.
		..		.. 
> I'll file a bug on amending the quota warnings to include the mailbox name
> (of course, this only helps if they ever select the mailbox).

Um, can we not use "quotaroot" in the message.  Guaranteed to get helpdesk
calls on a word that no standard user knows.

How about just "over quota in xxxx"  where xxx is the quota root?  Since
this matches the mailbox name they are over quota in, it will make sense to
the user and still be specific for debugging.

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