su - cyrus quota

Stephen L. Ulmer ulmer at
Mon Jul 14 16:47:26 EDT 2003

On 14 Jul 2003, Bartosz Jozwiak spake thusly:

> Hello,
> I think I know why the script do not want to work.
> There is a problem with running quota file (/usr/cyrus/bin/quota)
> When I run this file logged as root it says that i should run this
> file as cyrus user.
> So i try: su - cyrus quota and nothing happens. There is no print
> out it comes back to command line.  Am I doing it ok ?

Perhaps you could read the manual page for su(1)?  Pay particular
attention to the '-c' option.

Then you might consider getting someone at your site to help you with
basics for Unix-like operating systems.


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