Tru64 and 2.2 problems - getaddrinfo

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Thu Jul 24 14:32:17 EDT 2003

--On Tuesday, July 22, 2003 5:08 PM -0400 Rob Siemborski 
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> On Tue, 22 Jul 2003, Scott Adkins wrote:
>> With respect to the compile errors, this is what I have found:
>>  1) The configure process appears to pick up on the fact that Tru64 does
>>     have getnameinfo(), but not getaddrinfo().  The problem is that if
>>     one is found and the other is not, the definitions for both are
>>     included in lib/gai.h.  Well, getnameinfo() on Tru64 has a slightly
>>     different definition and produces a conflict that the compiler can't
>>     resolve. The solution was to modify gai.h and wrap the getaddrinfo()
>>     related routines with "#ifndef HAVE_GETADDRINFO/#endif" macros, and
>>     wrap the getnameinfo() with similar HAVE_GETNAMEINFO macros.
> Please bugzilla this and hopefully we can come up with a better configure
> system for it.

As you are already aware, this has been opened in buzilla and a suggested
patch has been provided.  I can confirm that the patch works great and I
recommend it to be used... getaddrinfo() is now being properly detected in
Tru64 and gets used.

I still run into a problem with gai.h where getnameinfo() for Tru64 is
different than what the prototype in that header file describes... as a
result, the compilation process halts with a fatal error.  I wrapped the
getnameinfo() prototypes with #ifndef HAVE_GETNAMEINFO/#endif, and wrapped
the getaddrinfo() and freeaddrinfo() prototypes with a HAVE_GETADDRINFO
like block.  I will provide that in a patch in the next mailing.

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