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Steven Pokrandt spokrandt at
Thu Jul 24 21:56:11 EDT 2003

How many mailboxes could one expect on a system with the following specs
Receiving messages via LMTP and only supporting pop for retrieving email.
front-end systems would be running exim, proxypop3d, apache and DNS
back-end systems would only have cyrus.  There would be a third system
to provide every thing else..

How would this scale.. how many front-ends to back-end machines.. is
there a rule of thumb.
I would guess every user would think there mail was important and hit
the pop server every minute.

Pentium 4 2.4GHz
No Harddrive drive  (remote boot)
   Localfile system in ramdisk..
1 gig memory or more..
Dual NICs.  (one inside private and one outside)
running linux

Backend Pentium 4 2.4GHz
Scsi-Ultra-fast drives
1 gig memory
running linux

MySQL/Fileserver/Utility system
   File systems from frontend  systems.
   DNS Master
   murder (I think I need one of these right?)
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