Could not complete request over quota errors

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at
Wed Jul 30 23:29:09 EDT 2003

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Marc Groot Koerkamp wrote:

> Ideal situation would be that the QUOTA extension is rewritten in order to
> set individual QUOTA on children mailboxes of QUOTAROOT so you can set the
> INBOX.Trash QUOTA to unlimited and still have QUOTA enabled on INBOX and
> the other children mailboxes. But that's not part of RFC 2087. Maybe a
> nice job for cyrus to come with a new RFC for this :)

Er, you can most definately set a quota on a sub-mailbox.

Note that this doesn't really solve the problem, since users might just
endlessly fill up the trash mailbox now, or may use it as "secret
storage".  Also, it requires the admin to know in advance what the name of
the trash folder will be, and set the quota (and since a client can use
just about any name for this feature, thats unlikely to happen).  Another
possibility is to standardize a name for a trash folder, much like INBOX
is a standard name, though expeirence within the IETF tells me this is
highly unlikely to happen (or be adopted quickly even if it does).

Really, the best solution is for clients to deal with the COPY failing,
and just delete the message in that case (perhaps by prompting the user).


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