Could not complete request over quota errors

Christian Schulte cs at
Wed Jul 30 21:21:26 EDT 2003

> according the rfc:
>    Each mailbox has zero or more implementation-defined named "quota
>    roots".  Each quota root has zero or more resource limits.  All
>    mailboxes that share the same named quota root share the resource
>    limits of the quota root.
> that make me think that INBOX and INBOX.Trash share the same named quota

as long as you only have a quota set on INBOX (that is only one quota-root for 
the complete account-hierarchy at toplevel)

> and therefor raising the quota on inbox.Trash doesn't help.

It does! It sets a new root for all folders under inbox.Trash and inbox.Trash 
itself overwriting the quota-root set one level higher on inbox!

> But to come back to the QUOTA idea. It's probably not a good idea. Much
> better would be to write an RFC for IMAP MOVE. But that's discussed before
> if I'm correct.

Setting a quota-root explicitly on the trash folder solves your problem! You 
could even set the quota of inbox.Trash to 0 which means infinite.


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