mailboxes "Gel ö schte Elemente" and "Gesendete Elemente" - can't delete this folders

Mikael Brandström mikael at
Thu Jul 31 03:31:05 EDT 2003


it seems like you have logged on to the imapd as administrator with some
(somewhat broken) MUA that creates those mailboxes. Give your user full
rights to the mailboxes (see the archives for previous discussions on
removal of mailboxes if you want to set som explicit right) and remove
them using cyradm. Anyway it's a good example that it's bad to log on
as administrator using anything else than imap admin tools like cyradm.


On Thu, 2003-07-31 at 06:43, Michael Grundmann wrote:
> hi,
> this folder are created by cyrus! they are visible for every user. how can i
> delete them? 
> cyradmin shows following:
> lm
> Entw&APw-rfe (\HasNoChildren)
> Gel&APY-schte Elemente (\HasNoChildren)
> Gesendete Elemente (\HasNoChildren)
> $<2>localhost> $<2>sam Gel&APY-schte Elemente michael cd
> syntax error: cannot deal with `&' here
> $<2>localhost> $<2>sam Gelöschte Elemente michael cd
> usage: setaclmailbox mailbox id rights [id rights ...]
> $<2>localhost> $<2>sam Gelöschte\ Elemente michael cd
> setaclmailbox: michael: cd: Mailbox does not exist
> $<2>localhost> $<2>
> any hints?
> michael

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