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John C. Amodeo amodeo at admin.rutgers.edu
Thu Jul 31 10:11:48 EDT 2003


I've been testing the 2.2 branch with virtual domain support enabled,
and I've noticed something that may become a potential headache for
system admins...  I'm not sure if this topics been addressed, but I
wanted to bring it up to the list to get some thoughts...

Basically, it seems that you cannot have a 'global' lmtp_admin listed in
the imapd.conf file that is allowed to deliver mail, via network lmtp,
to any of the virtual domains...  An lmtp_admin without a domain can
only deliver to the 'default domain' specified in the imapd.conf file.
The behavior of the Cyrus server is requesting that I enter a fully
qualified lmtp_admin for each virtual domain I've created...

If I have 30 or so virtual domains, that means I would need to enter the
30 lmtp_admin usernames for each domain in my imapd.conf file.  One
could see how this could potentially get messy if an installation were
to have several hundred domains.

Is there an easier/better way to do this, or are global 'lmtp_admins'
not possible (or not a good idea)..?

Also, kind of on this same topic, is it possible for a parameter in the
imapd.conf file to be multiple lines?  For example, it would be nice to
be able to list 'admins' and 'lmtp_admins' indented on several lines
instead of one very long line...

Thanks in advance...

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