Re: mailboxes "Gelöschte Elemente" and "GesendeteElemente" - can't delete this folders

Michael Geyer geyer at
Thu Jul 31 03:27:45 EDT 2003

Hi Michael

>this folder are created by cyrus! they are visible for every user. how
can i
>delete them?

Those folders are created by Outlook Express (german localized) und not
by cyrus. Yesterday I had te same problem with my first cyrus

>$<2>localhost> $<2>sam Gel&APY-schte Elemente michael cd
>syntax error: cannot deal with `&' here

Try this one:
sam 'Gel&APY-schte Elemente' lrswipcda
dm 'Gel&APY-schte Elemente'

Michael ~.~

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